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How We Work


Your problems

At Nine23, we understand what a complying customer journey looks like and can help to rapidly define your IT problems with our expert consultancy services. Rather than accepting the current problems or applying a tactical fix, we will deliver the correct solution by working with you; to enable your end-users and help you understand what success will look like from the start of engagement.

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Your solution

We can design, implement and build complete digital products and services that exceed your end-user requirements. At Nine23, we leverage our scalable, reusable, IT private cloud infrastructure Platform FLEX and follow an iterative process to deliver minimum viable products, services and solutions at scale to enable your end-users.

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Your service

We manage and migrate risks in your IT solutions, and work within your organisation to deliver the product or service required. Clearly defined Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) ensure the service is well defined and roles and responsibilities are fully understood from the start.

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Your End-User

Through our solutions, we provide you services that are tailored for your needs as well as your customers’. Enabling the end-user to use today’s technology securely is key to Nine23 and their mission.

Our mission is to deliver complete, secure IT solutions to enable the end-user in today’s workplace using our secure UK private cloud, Platform FLEX. 

Our Story

We are a highly focused technology solutions company that defines, builds and manages innovative services, enabling end-users to use technology securely in today’s workplace.

At Nine23, we have continually delivered end-user focused IT solutions as we passionately believe the end-user should be put first and empowered to use technology securely – Because today’s user expects to operate at work in the same way they do in their personal life from anywhere, with any device.

Our Story

Start using technology securely today.

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